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WilberforceWilberforce is located at the junction of Downe Road and Westerham Road, Keston – opposite Keston Church. Map grid reference 419 630 on Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 sheet 177. Wilberforce comprises eight acres of open and wooded land and is suitable for camping and other indoor and outdoor activities – both residential and part or full day non-residential events.

Wilberforce is owned by Bromley District Scout Council and Bromley Scouts may use the outdoor camping facilities at minimal rates. Other people – including Scouts from other Districts, Guides, Schools etc. are welcome to use the facilities at charges designed to cover the outgoings. Charges are kept under constant review.

For more information, visit the Bromley Scouts Web Site

Downe Activity Centre

Within the GLSE county we have the Downe Activity Centre which is a National Scout Centre, run by Scout Headquarters.

Downe Activity CentreDowne is a beautiful, wooded undulating Camp Site situated 16 miles from central London in rural Kent. Downe is south of Bromley and Orpington, and north east of Biggin Hill. It consists of large open grass sites surrounded by trees, together with many smaller woodland sites.

Downe is steeped in Scouting history. Gang Shows began through a show to raise money to build our outdoor pool which Baden-Powell opened on 18th June 1933. A history 'talk' can be provided during your stay at Downe.

Visit the Downe Activity Centre's Web Site


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