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The London Borough of Bexley Small Grants Scheme for Voluntary Youth Groups is operated by a co-operative of Voluntary Youth Groups and is best placed to administer these grants for the young people in our services. The co-operative is hosted by Greater London South East (GLSE) Scout Council, and within our infrastructure.

GLSE is a Scout County within The Scout Association, the UK organisation of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. The purpose of Scouting is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local,’ national and international communities. To achieve these benefits, adult volunteers are formally trained and in partnership with the young people:

GLSE has a set of Outcomes that complement The Scout Association’s purpose, and both the UK purpose and GLSE’s Outcomes meet the aims and outcomes of the framework ‘Every Child Matters’.

The organisations’ in the co-operative also have similar purposes and outcomes and together provide extra-curricular diversionary activities for young people aged 5 – 25 years old. These activities are available to any young person in LB Bexley, without discrimination, and are inclusive of all, regardless of race, background, gender or ability. This is demonstrated in the core purpose of our organisations.

GLSE has a management structure, led by a Commissioner and a Board of Trustees, where several Sub- Committees and Operational Working Groups report to, and carry out the functions of the charity. These Sub-Committees include Grant Administering Boards and Scrutiny Panels. GLSE administers three internal grant schemes that are drawn from funds internally and externally, and have clear and simple application processes. The administration of the LB Bexley Small Grant Scheme for Voluntary Youth Groups fits into this structure. The LB Bexley Small Grant Scheme for Voluntary Youth Groups Grant Board is made up of elected representatives from the organisations of the co-operative. This has a clear advantage, in that those on the Grant Board would have a good sound understanding of the applicants ‘needs’, allowing them to make an efficient and informed decision of the benefit and impact of the grant. It also allows a simple and easy application process and form to be completed by the applicants, as the co-operative is able to demonstrate the impact and benefits to LB Bexley.

The co-operative works to maximise the impact of this funding so as many young people as possible are supported to be positive citizens contributing to their own personal development and the local environment.

Application Process

The Grant Application From is below.
Please enclose the following documents in support of applications –

Please Note –

Forms should be returned to GLSE Scouts, PO Box 59460, London, SE2 8AW.

The Co-operative

The organisations that are able to benefit from the allocation of grants from the Small Grants Scheme  are the co-operative and representatives from these organisations become members of the County Scout Council and invited to attend the County Scout Council Annual General Meeting and have voting rights.

Members of the co-operative can be any and all who fit the definition of a voluntary youth group within LB Bexley dealing with the age group between 5 and 25.

Grants Board

The Grant Board is a sub-Committee of the County Scout Council Trustee Board, and made up of nominations from the co-operative.

The ratio of Grant Board representatives should be:
Uniformed organisations        2
Military based organisations        2
Sport Clubs / Physical Activity        2
Bexley Voluntary Services Council    1

A quorum is five members.

The Grant Board meets four times a year. The Grant Board will consider grants after the end of each quarter during the year. Quarters finish on-

The Chairman of the Grant Board is not a Scout member of GLSE. As with all Chairpersons of sub-Committees of the County Scout Council Trustee Board, they are nominated / elected onto the Trustee Board at the AGM, and then appointed ‘Chair’ at the first meeting of the Trustee Board following that. (Representatives of the co-operative’s organisations are members of the County Scout Council).

The members of the Grant Board are elected from nominations from the co-operative’s organisations.

The Grant Board is under the same scrutiny processes as other sub-Committees of the County Scout Council Trustee Board.

The Grant Board is elected each year. Nomination forms are sent to co-operative members and a postal ballot held if necessary. People can be co-opted if less than seven nominations are received.


Examples of the type of project the Small Grant Scheme will cover –

The Board do not award grants for census/membership fees, catering for events or uniform for individuals.

LB Bexley has tasked GLSE with the duty to increase the circulation of information and access of the Small Grants Scheme across the London Borough of Bexley.

There are few guidelines for what the grants will award, and the Grant Board take a common sense approach. The  grant to be allocated is up to £1000.

If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us –


Registration Form
Application Form - 2010/2011 Form
GLSE Structure
Notes of Co-operative meeting – 08/06/09 
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