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What are Scouts?

Scouting is for young people aged between 10½ and 14 year who want to make friends and develop their widening interests in way that are both educational and fun - young people who want a break from the usual after school routine of homework, games and watching television.

Our activities are about action and involvement and mean more than just camping. Hiking, rock climbing, gliding, sailing, pioneering, canoeing, parascending, abseiling, putting on shows and exhibitions, motor mechanics, electronics, photography - the list is endless!

Scouts are also given the chance to learn skills in survival, cooking and first aid.

30 second interview with a GLSE Scout

Name: Scott

Why do you go to Scouts?
I enjoy hanging around with my mates and having a good time.

What’s the most unusual think that you have done at Scouts?
On Scout Camp at Thriftwood, we all had a go at Archery.

What have you learnt at Scouts?
We have learnt how to tie knots, how to put up tents, and some first aid. We have also learnt how to work in a team – there is one game we play when we are given a chair each and put in a line – working together we need to make it to the other end of the hall.

Have you made good friends at Scouts?
Yer, I have met lots of people I didn’t know before joining Scout who I am now good friends with.

Join Scouting in GLSE

Interested in joining Scouting in GLSE? Well our online wizard makes it a breeze to be put in touch with your nearest group. Simply enter: your postcode, your date of birth, some contact details and we will put you in touch with your nearest group.

Be a part of Scouting - found out how here!

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