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What is the Scout Network?

Networkscout networkAll members of The Scout Association between 18 and 25 years are members of the Scout Network. As a member of the Scout Network you could be:

a member of a local Network
a Leader with another Section
a Helper of Skills Instructor
a member of the Scout Fellowship
a member in another capacity
Local Networks, can be based at County, District or Group; some may be focused around a specific activity or location, e.g. Gang Show, Activity Centre, climbing or canoeing.

Scout Network programmes will reflect the huge variation in Members' interests. Some local Networks will have activities that concentrate on one area of the programme, whilst others will have a wider range. One of the key elements is the opportunity to get away, either under canvas


The GLSE Scout Network has their own facebook group. So if your are a part of the social networking revelotion, why not join the group.

Awards Networkers can achieve

Scout Network AwardsA number of exciting and challenging awards are avaliable to members of the Scout Network, including the highest award you can achieve as a member of the Scout Association - the Queen Scout Award. All of these awards can be run in union with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. For more information on the awards, click the links below:

Join Scouting in GLSE

Join Scout NetworkInterested in joining Scouting in GLSE? Well our online wizard makes it a breeze to be put in touch with your nearest group. Simply enter: your postcode, your date of birth, some contact details and we will put you in touch with your nearest group.

Be a part of Scouting - found out how here!

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