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Funding Support

Funding is available from GLSE Adult Volunteers who are undertaking training to achieve nationally recognised qualifications in adventurous activities and that applicants should contact for further info.  

Climbing and Abseiling within GLSE

ClimbingOutdoor climbing on real rock is available on Southern Sandstone such as Harrisons or Bowles Rocks, near Tunbridge Wells. It is possible to enjoy the rocks on dry days all through the year. In the summer, days are long enough to enjoy an evening of outdoor climbing on the sandstone. I am available to arrange and assist.

Climbing and abseiling is available on indoor climbing walls such as Mile End, Thamesmead or on towers such as the one at Downe Campsite. I am available to take your group climbing and abseiling.

Members of your group might like to gain the climber badge. Leaders might wish to achieve an Adventurous Activities Permit for climbing and abseiling (single pitch). Details may be found at During the winter months, much of the training (e.g. fitting a harness, tying on to a rope, belaying) may be done at your own headquarters and at indoor walls. I am available to train and assess.

A personal request: I enjoy climbing in various parts of England and Wales. Weekend trips with friends are often organised at short notice when the weather looks good. I can arrange time off during the week but please understand that I like to keep my summer weekends free.

For more information please contact Chris Boylan


Hillwalking within GLSE

For more information on the hillwalking provision please click here


Snowsports within GLSE

SnowboardingSkiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed as an activity at any time of year and sessions can be often be arranged to fit in with your group’s meetings at Bromley Ski Centre, St Paul’s Cray, near Sidcup. There is also a dry slope at Bowles, making an outing of combined activities a possibility. Non-skiers receive instruction from qualified instructors and those who can already ski or board to the required standard can either join lessons or are able to practise on their own.

Members of your Scout or Explorer group might like to gain a Snowsports Badge. To complete the safety requirements of this badge, I can visit your group to give a presentation and do a quiz. A session at the ski centre can also contribute towards badges and awards for Cubs.

If you plan a trip away, leaders might wish to achieve an Adventurous Activities Permit for Snowsports. Details may be found at

For a Snowsports activity with a difference, try Roller Skiing. This is cross-country skiing on dry land. Contact Iain Ballentine for more information His website is

For more information on any of these activities, please contact Fran Georgel -

Scuba Diving

scubaVarious PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) open water courses and try dives that will be taking place in the very near future and how to book places on future events.

Try Dives

We will be offering "try dives" where members of the association over the age 10 who can swim a minimum of 50 metres will be able to try out the sport in the safe environment of a swimming pool under the supervision of professionally qualified diving instructors. Following a brief swimming exercise using fins and facemasks the participants will be briefed on the correct use of the Scuba unit, shown how to use it and then dive in the pool up to a depth of 12 feet. The whole session will last an hour and from experience is one of the most thrilling things to do. The cost of this event is 12 and is subject to completing a medical statement.

For more information please contact

PADI Diving Qualification

For those who are bitten by the diving bug and want to progress to the next stage and to qualify as a PADI open water diver. This qualification will allow you to dive at any recognised PADI centre around the world. The course consists of the following modules:-

An introduction night to explain the content of the course and to complete all necessary forms. Two theory nights and one written examination.

The cost of the course is 186.00 per person which will include all theory books, Diving log book, training video and the loan of diving equipment for the weekend. There will be an additional cost for the weekend away to cover food; transport and accommodation details will be discussed at the first evening.

Award Accreditation

This basic requirement for this course is to be a member of a Scout, Explorer Scout or Network training sections, Scout Fellowship or a Warranted Leader. You must be able to swim at least 50 Metres and be in good Health. (Health forms will be sent to those who wish to attend).

For anybody who is working on their Duke of Edingburgh's award, this activity can also be used under Physical Recreation, for either bronze, silver or gold and it can gain 24 points towards the award.

How to book a place

To book places or just to contact me about the courses send an e-mail to:-

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