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GLSE are delighted to be able to publish details of the European Jamboree in Poland in late July until early August 2020. This is set to be another amazing international experience, shared with Scouts from all over Europe. It will involve an unforgettable experience at the European Jamboree with fellow Scouts from many other countries, and then a post Jamboree adventure.

The Jamboree itself will run from the 26th July 2020 until 6th August 2020. GLSE will also be organizing a short post Jamboree adventure. The Jamboree will be on Sobieszewo Island, which is just outside of Gdansk, Poland.

We have selected an amazing Leadership Team for this event, congratulations and thank you to:

As a County we have been given 4 patrols of 9 Participants (36 in total), 4 Leader positions and a number of International Service Team positions. In order to attend as a Participant you must have been born between 26th July 2002 and 26th July 2006.


The cost for Participants will be no more than £1,250 per person. This will include:

Scout Uniform and Spending Money are not included



As of late May there are a small number of Participant places still available. In order to secure your place, please email as soon as possible.



The County have a number of people lined up to be part of the International Service Team, but have a little more time to register anybody else who is interested. The costs for IST is approx. £250 (payable directly in Polish Zloty), however this is just the Jamboree Fees and doesn’t include travel to Poland. More details can be found at If you are interested in having a role in the International Service Team, please email Dave Goodwin (ACCI) on


If you have any questions about the European Jamboree in 2020, or any other international trip, please feel free to drop Dave Goodwin (ACCI) an email on

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