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About Canada 2014 Explorer Belt Expedition

The Explorer Belt Canada Expedition has now completed and the team have returned home safely. Here is our video diary and picture diary from our adventure.

Our Adventure in Videos

News in Brief from @GLSECanada14


Our Adventure

What is the Explorer Belt?

The Explorer Belt Award is for 16-25 year olds, promoting adventure and self-reliance in an international environment, with a focus on learning about the country you are visiting, with a ‘hands on’ approach. During the 12 day stay, you will work towards projects you have chosen, planned and organised, during regular preparation evenings and weekends, from September 2012 until departure. You will also be required to take part in a ‘debrief’ on your return and provide a formal presentation to GLSE leaders, supporters, sponsors and other scouting colleagues.

For more general information on the Explorer Belt Award, follow this link:,137


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