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The Adventure Begins

Campdowne is an international Scout and Guide camp held in the UK at Downe Scout Activity Centre in South-East London’s greenbelt.

The event has run every four years for over 20 years with around one thousand participants from the UK and overseas attending.  Campdowne 2013 follows a similar format to previous years but with a greater focus on mixing opportunities and with this year’s theme of Carnival, there will be a greater emphasis on entertainments on the main stage at the heart of the event.

Carnival spirit exists around the world, e.g., Caribbean, New Orleans, Notting Hill, Polynesian, San Francisco and so many more. Carnivals are participative and fun for all. That’s what Campdowne 2013 will be!

Set in both woodland and open grassland, Campdowne provides a first class opportunity to make new friends from around the world through an exciting and unforgettable 10 day programme of events and activities.

Open to all members of National Scout and Guide organisations over 10 years old, participants will camp with their Troop, Group or Company in one of three sub-camps each encompassing a mix of international participants.  Each Sub-Camp Leadership Team will create a community culture with the Sub-Camp’s own theme and events plus of course the experience of living, cooking, eating and socialising with Scouts and Guides from around the UK and overseas.

There will be a comprehensive programme of activities on and off site ranging from the traditional to the unusual with we hope some new experiences for all.  We are planning a traditional campfire with International feel, discos, talent competition, days out, and a huge programme of lunchtime and evening stage entertainment both home grown and professional, culminating in an unforgettable closing ceremonies.

Campdowne 2013 runs from Thursday 1st August until Saturday 10th August 2013.  A large team of volunteers is already on site setting up the event and the first overseas contingent – from Zandvoort in the Netherlands – has already arrived and spent some of the time before the start of the event learning to play cricket with a local cricket club.  Maeike, a leader with the contingent said: “For some of us it’s good to be back; for some our first experience.  We had a great Sunday dinner and a great English breakfast and are looking forward to the next two weeks!”

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