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Welcome to the GLSE Scouts Communications Page, in GLSE we have a number of methods for communicating with our members as defined in our Marketing and Communications Strategy. A summary of the Strategy can be found in the following document, How we Communicate in Greater London South East Scout County.

i.Share Newsletter

Released Quarterly, the i.Share newsletter shares news and information across the GLSE Scout County. The name comes from a motor way which goes through the middle of our county.  i.Sharelink is one to of ensuring that the information can be sent across between the boroughs.

The i.ShareNewsletter can be viewed online here:

GLSE Email News Round up

Issued weekly, the Email News Round contains a compiled list of important news updates, relevant to GLSE Members. To sign up please email please complete the following online form.


GLSE Scouts have a facebook page and some facebook groups listed below.


For the latest news from GLSE Scouts, start following GLSE_Scout on twitter:

Communications Teams

We have a team of people to support Communications within the County:

Useful Links

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