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The Adult Awards of the Scout Association recognise the contribution made by our adult volunteers.

There are four categories: Long Service, Good Service, Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct.

Long Service Awards:

These are awarded after 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 years service.  They are normally generated automatically by the Headquarters Membership Management System so it is important to check that your own service, and that of anyone who you manage, is up to date on the system.  If you know of someone who is overdue for a long service award please ensure that their record is checked.


Good Service Awards:

The following awards are available:

The Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service - given in respect of not less than 5 years good service;

Award for Merit - given for outstanding service of not less than 12 years and 10 years exceptionally.

The Bar to the Award for Merit may be awarded after a period of not less than five years of further outstanding service.

Silver Acorn - awarded for not less than 20 years of specially distinguished service;

The Bar to the Silver Acorn may be awarded for at least a further 5 years of similarly distinguished service.

The Silver Wolf is the unrestricted gift of the Chief Scout and is only awarded for service of a most exceptional nature.  It is not normally awarded until at least a Silver Acorn has been gained so it is seldom awarded for less than 30 years service.

In addition to the minimum periods of service shown above awards good service awards will not normally be made unless a period of at least five years has elapsed since the previous award.


Awards for Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct:

These are awarded less frequently than the good service awards.  Gallantry awards are made to adults or youth members who have been involved in acts of gallantry involving personal risk to themselves.  Meritorious Conduct awards are made to adults or youth members for conduct involving a high degree of courage, endurance, initiative or devotion to duty, often under suffering, without necessarily involving any element of risk.

For details of specific requirements please refer to the Scout Association Guidance using the links below.


If you think someone should be nominated:

Traditionally nominations have been initiated by District Commissioners but there is no reason why any adult should not put forward their suggestions. 

The first rule is never to let an individual know they are being recommended, or even suggested, for an award.  There may be good reasons why the District or County Commissioner, or even the National Awards Board, decide an award is not appropriate and it does not inspire or motivate anyone to know that they have been rejected.

Then check the HQ Guidance to ensure that they are eligible.  This includes considering minimum periods of service and time elapsed since the last award and also whether mandatory training appropriate to the appointment(s) they currently hold has been completed.

If that all looks OK talk to your manager or the District awards panel.  You can either provide them with the information to draft the appropriate citation or you can download a copy of the award recommendation form (Form TSA06/GS for Good Service Awards or Form TSA07/CGM for Gallantry or Meritorious Conduct Awards) and complete it yourself.

Please help us to ensure that everyone’s service is recognised.

For the Scout Association’s Guidance Booklet click:   HQ Guidance

Here are the HQ recommendation forms for Good Service and Gallantry or Meritorious Conduct

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