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What is the Adult Support Team? It does what it says on the tin. The Team supports Adults to deliver fun, challenge and adventure to over 7,000 Young People and Adult Volunteers within the London Boroughs of Bexley & Bromley.

The Adult Support Team encompasses Leader Training, Safeguarding, Communications, County Team Training Advisors and Adult Recognition. So, what are these all about?

Leader Training looks after the modular training from modules 1 – 38 and is headed up by John Baxter, Judy Freeman and Richard Willgoss as the County Training Managers. The County Administrator assists the CTMs as County Training Administrator. The County Team also consists of Local Training Managers and TA’s supporting learning in your areas.

Safeguarding is headed up by Judy Freeman who ensures that all adults within GLSE have the opportunity to attend the mandatory safeguarding (Yellow Card) training and refresher training sessions. Judy will also come and talk to the Young People in your groups about keeping safe online and is trained to deliver CEOP training to Young People.

The Communications Team looks after the GLSE Website, Social Media (Twitter & Facebook), the County Newsletter, i.SHARE and also helping you get your good news stories into local media with our Media Development Manager, Pete Marshall. The role of Assistant County Commissioner (Communications) is currently vacant. If you are interest in the role of leading the Communication Team, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss.

As with Section & Group Leaders, the members of the County Team also have training responsibilities. Judy looks after these and ensures that all members of the County Team are working towards their Wood Badges and have PLP’s in place.

The Adult Recognition Manager, Mike Jackson, looks to recognising members of GLSE not only with Scouting awards but also looks towards National recognitions. From checking eligibility and ensuring that citations are appropriate to getting support and sending the nominations off. Mike’s work is supported by other members of the County Team who deliver the annual Adult Recognition Evening.

There is one team that is currently missing from Adult Support. I would like to set up a Development Team. This team would be led by an ACC and would cover new start-ups where there are missing sections, growth of small sections, the recruitment, development and recognition of Leaders. If you are interest in being one of the Project Leaders or the ACC role please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss. 

The role of Deputy County Commissioner (Adult Support) is currently vacant. If you are interest in this role, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss.

Gwyn Muckelt

County Commissioner

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